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Requete by Worth c1944

Requete by Worth was first launched in France in 1944, then came to the USA by 1945. Created by Maurice Blanchet. The name literally means "request" in French. In the 1940s, Requete was suggested to be worn by a young woman, as a daytime perfume.

Requete was available as:
  • Parfum
  • Toilet Water
  • Cologne

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a light green floral fragrance for women suggesting a garden warming to the early sun.
  • Top notes: hyacinth, red berries, cyclamen, peach, pineapple
  • Middle notes: rose, narcissus. angelica, jasmine, osmanthus, peony, and May rose
  • Base notes: sandalwood, violet, Virginia cedar, musk

Fodor's France, 1951:
"Worth, 120, Faubourg Saint-Honore. "Dans la Nuit" — camellia, jasmin base ; "Imprudence" ; "Je Reviens" — cool, for blondes; "Projets" — for sports ; "Requete" — blondes or brunettes."


The parfum was housed inside a lovely crystal flacon outlined in blue by Lalique, there are three different sized flacons 1/2 oz (stands just under 3" tall), 1 oz (stands 3 1/2" tall) and 2 oz (stands 6 3/8" tall).

Harper's Bazaar, 1946:
"Worth's Requete Deluxe Presentation in Lalique Glass."

Home Journal, 1947:
"Requete, on the sweet side, in a blue-edged Lalique flacon. Worth."

Requete 2 oz Lalique flacon with original box. Height 6 3/8 in. Photo by Mastro Auctions.

1940s retail prices are as follows:
  • 1 dram perfume...$3.00
  • 1/2 oz Lalique flacon.....$12.50
  • 1 oz Lalique flacon......$25
  • 2 oz deluxe Lalique flacon....$50
  • 2 oz eau de cologne....$2.50
  • 4 oz eau de cologne....$4.50
  • 8 oz eau de cologne...$8.50

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown. Still being sold in 1976.

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